How it Works

Your App In 5 Easy Steps
It Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated…


We will discuss the sort of functionality you’re after, ways the app will integrate your business processes and delight your customers, and float some design ideas to get a feel for what you’re after.


We will then bring it to our design team and develop a mobile app simulation that you can take for a spin on your apple or android device as well as from the web. Yes, you will have the app in your hands to play with!


After you take a look, run it through your paces and give us some feedback and we’ll do any fine-tuning needed until you’re 100% happy with the final product and ready to go to live!


Your app will be published on the Android app market almost instantly, and in 7-14 days on the iTunes app market (due to Apple’s intricate app review process).


You're live! Promote your app to your customers and incentivise them to download it. You can spread the word about it by creating print-outs to put around your business. Be sure to highlight your new app in any advertising you do as well. Ask us, we can help.